Masters in refit & restoration

Despite the recent freezing winter weather conditions, life here at the yard is anything but dull. Although we work across all different kinds of boats, from cruising to racing, wooden to GRP, our absolute passion is Classic Yachts. Traditional wooden craft, and bringing history back to life, are simply what we LOVE. Our in-house team of boat builders are knowledgable and highly skilled at traditional and new working methods and take an immense pride in giving an old boat new life. They are currently working flat out on a diverse number of projects, each with its own set of unique challenges. But most importantly, with amazing results!

Here’s just a few recent examples of what we’ve been up to:

Towards the end of 2017 we completed the build of a new 64ft mast out of sitka spruce for a 1963 Sparkman & Stevens 51ft yawl. We are now putting the final touches to a new boom for her. The coins inlaid into the base of her mast will bestow good luck for her and all who sail in her.


wood for mast 2   IMG_8280  Mast shot   Stepping the mas on the kings head

      Mast1    New Mast and crane


Carlotta is a recently restored Bristol Pilot Cutter, shipped to the yard directly from Canada.  She was built in 1899 and has a fascinating history of high profile owners and daring escapades – including World War II escapes, being hit by a hurricaine, and many more! We are undertaking some essential planking repairs as well as extensive rigging improvements.

                                                           untitled     DSC01252 - Copy

Sphex is an X boat that came to us in desperate need of some TLC.  After some work on her stem repair, she is now almost to the stage when we can crack on with her topsides

    20180321_131343        Xboat - Copy

John Dory is a 45ft Bermudan Sloop built in 1938 with a fine racing pedigree.  Owned by one of our longest standing customers (Ray has been coming here for more than 40 years) she is in our shed being re-decked.

JohnDory2           JohnDory3

And finally, the refurbishment of Sanjula’s interior is now complete. She is Sir Robin Knox-Johnston’s Farr 56ft who came in for a full internal refit. We have turned the forward cabin from a double bunk area into two twin cabins and a new head, and have also installed a watertight door.

         ”  The work is excellent. In fact, you would think Sanjula had been built with the modifications that the
Elephant Boatyard have now completed” 

       Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.