The Elephant Boatyard is proud to be one of the few remaining traditional boat builders on the South Coast.
We specialise in building custom yachts, both sail and motor, and can build any design to individual / bespoke specifications.
Our highly skilled team have a passion for detail and combine their calibre of craftsmanship with the very latest innovations in technology.

We have built more than 65 sailing yachts, all with an unparalleled level of finish, and have worked with many prestigious yacht designers over the years,
including Nigel Irens, Ian Howlett, Ed Dubois, Peter Norlin, Tony Castro, Doug Peterson and Ron Holland to name but a few.


Designed by leading yacht designer Nigel Irens, with whom we have collaborated on many projects, this elegant 50ft ketch is made of traditional wood and epoxy construction.

The brief for the project was to create a luxurious cruising boat capable of sailing from the Amazon to the Arctic. Working closely with both Nigel and the owner we made this vision a reality. A key element of Irens’s cruising boat philosophy is a shallow draught to allow greater access to inshore waters, hence the lifting keel.

The result is a bespoke sailing yacht capable of great speed which is perfectly attuned to the owner’s needs. She sails brilliantly, and has already graced the front cover of Classic Boat magazine, such is her outstanding beauty.


Designed by Alfred Mylne of Glasgow, built between 1903-1906 the Dublin Bay 21s are thought to be the oldest class of racing keelboat yacht in the world.

We were approached by the Dublin Bay 21 Foot Sailing Club Association to assist in the revival of this historic sailing class, and commissioned to build 2 hulls staying true to the 115 year old design by Alfred Mylne.

It is said that these boats present one of the loveliest sights to be seen on any sailing waters in the world and we are proud to have played a part in the revival of this classic One Design class.


Nigel Irens is one of the world’s leading designers of high performance yachts. He has an incredible portfolio ranging from record-breaking yachts to bespoke cruising designs.

We have collaborated with Nigel for years. Working with him is a privilege which enables us to offer a seamless service from design inception throughout the build process to delivery.

Please do contact us for more details on Nigel’s innovative low displacement / length ratio (LDL) designs in the images here, or for any other projects you may have in mind.

There is a long list of boats built here at the Elephant Boatyard, including :

  • Barracuda – 45ft Tony Castro design. Wood/epoxy sloop, cruiser/racer.  UK based.
  • Horus – 50ft Ed Dubois design. Cutter in cedar.  Circumnavigation and Mediterranean cruising.
  • Ferrik Al Booma – 50ft Ian Howlett aero rig design. Wood/epoxy composite.  Transatlantic and Mediterranean.
  • Fly – 70ft Ian Howlett aero rig design. Wood/epoxy composite.  Transatlantic and Scottish waters.
  • Zinnia – 30ft Nigel Irens design. Hull construction only. Wood/epoxy.
  • Ivy Green – 35ft Ed Burnett design. Wood/epoxy/frames. Gaff cutter.  East Coast and English Channel.  See attached pictures.
  • Mandrake – 50ft Mark Mills design. Racing yacht, wood/epoxy sloop.  Raced in the UK and Far East, winner of the Round the Island Race and Kings Cup in Thailand.
  • The International 6 Metre Class is well represented at the yard.  In addition to undertaking a number of 6M restoration projects, we have built two Ian Howlett designed 6 Metre boats which have won both the European and British championships. These beautiful yachts are a benchmark for classic racing yacht design.

    Some of our successful racing yachts include:

    • Dragon – 40ft Ed Dubois. 2 x British Admirals Cup Team member and winners.
    • Hurricane – 40ft Peter Norlin. Swedish Admirals Cup Team member.
    • St Kitt’s – International 6M, Ian Howlett design. European Champion winner.