Nigel Irens is one of the world’s leading designers of high performance yachts. He has an incredible portfolio which ranges from record-breaking yachts to innovative bespoke cruising designs (such as the one we are building at the moment).

We have collaborated with Nigel for years, and our understanding runs deep.  Working closely with such a brilliant designer is a privilege which enables us to offer a seamless service from design inception throughout the build process to delivery.

Although known for his record-breaking trimarans and traditional cruising yachts, Nigel has excelled in motor boat design.  His concept of low displacement / length ratio (LDL) has essentially created a new world of motor boating characterised by  speed, fuel economy and seaworthiness.

“Elegant motorboats for sailing people”

These two designs illustrate Nigel’s latest motorboat concept.  Made from traditional cedar planking, it is deceptively fast and economical. The high vertical stem is distinctly modern, and the fine bow reduces drag whilst the wide transom offers stability and spacious accommodation.  Perfect for a cruise around the Solent, or indeed along Southern coastal waters.

Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss this or any other build project.